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    Nothing will progress your surfing more than a funboard or longboard.
    Don't take this wrong...i respect your opinion. You obvioulsy know what your talking about. I wonder about the part I quoted though...When i started in the 1980s and watching kids learn until the late 1990s nobody really even thought of longboards, and funshapes didn't exist. So we learned on fat old 80's "thrusters" or old short thick boards from the 70's.

    Then the longboard trend hit in like 1998, and you had 120 pound kids catching hundreds of knee high waves on their dad's 9'6", and then their own. I've watched a lot of kids who's surfing actually seem like they got stunted by that approach...Can't handle a hollow wave over 4 foot because they were so busy catching a million indean river waves on the log, and have to re-adjust when they realize what else is out there. I'm not sure they end up ahead of the kid with the old 6'6"beater looking for steep waves, since thats all you could catch on it.

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    First board

    My first board was a 6'7 BIC board and it was the easiest board to learn how to ride on. It was big enough for me to learn on yet still able to catch nice quick waves.