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Thread: Surfing Alone

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    The lifeguards don't show up until memorial day... Also you can only surf at the surfing beach/manasquan inlet. I think some of you guys got the wrong idea from my post. By alone, I mean without any friends or people I know. At the inlet, there are usually a minimum of 2 longboarders. My mom requests a friend or "buddy" with me.

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    I have also been surfing since i was 4 and swimming since then too. I am at home in the ocean, I grew up in it pretty much.

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    In my opinion...The test of a true surfer is to surf alone, to rely on no one but yourself. Just you and the elements.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ThatSlyB View Post
    There are beaches that let you surf where there is lifegaurds?

    Really there is not going to be persuading your mother to let you do it. You are incredibly young. The ocean is an incredibly dangerous place. And it would be wrong for you to convince her or yourself otherwise.
    Yeah......States Ave, AC........7th St OC..........Hudson Ave, Cedars Harvey...........too many to name. They all have lifeguards stationed there. They protect us all.

    Oh Surfjetty dude, nevermind me.........I didn't see your age until after I posted my first reply.......I thought you were one of these 40-year-olds asking about surfing alone. Enjoy your youth, kid. Nothing like growing up surfing. Have a good summer.

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    surfing alone has its positives and negatives. I personally feel like when im surfing alone i spook way easier. that sharky vibe is a lot easier to shake when your out with friends or even just other people. obviously surfing alone isn't really as "safe" as surfing with the herd but sometimes the soul just needs a solo session.

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    Listen to your mom. She is right.

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    I never had any one to teach me or never had anyone to surf with till recently. surfing alones fine with me if its ur day its ur day. I am a lifeguard so id say swim by one or surf whatever just incase something wer to happen just to b safe. if you have a good buddy to surf with that's the ticket if u ask me surfing alones fine but a friends always better yal can get each other stoked and look out for each other miss Atlantic could take care of u or eat u so be safe have fun and slay some waves!

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    It can be really peaceful. I try not to when true waves get big.

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    I can't remember the last time I was surfing at a beach with absolutely no one either in the water or on the beach.

    It honestly depends on the conditions. If its sunny and warm and the waves are calm, chances are there will be tons of people sitting on the beach so if you're alone in the water its fine. But, if its stormy and the oceans rough, don't go alone.

    Surfing alone is a great way to clear your mind, at least for me. But more than half the time I'm out there alone sooner or later some random dude paddles up and sets up shop.

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    YOLO! haha if thats the way you die then thats the way you die, everyone dies.