I tore my 6/5/4 Rip Curl winter suit a few weeks back and knew it was beyond my skills to fix. So I shipped it to their service center. Suit was 3 years old and way past the warranty coverage so I was quoted a price and I agreed to it.

I just received my wetsuit back, and thereís something missing... An invoice for the repairs!

Iím assuming this was on purpose because Rip Curl is the BEST wetsuit company on the planet. And why Iíve worn nothing but Rip Curl for over 25 years.

The repairs are AWESOME! Having the suit repaired at this level of quality will allow me to enjoy the warmth and flexibility of this 6/5/4 suit for many more winters here on the East Coast.

Great job, innovative products and OUTSTANDING customer service - Rip Curl ROCKS!