The shore is not looks worse than ever to begin a summer...sure some staples are "open" but most towns still look jacked up and smell like mold. It ain't gonna be a great summer to pack the kids in the car and spend $10 to park and $8 each to get on the beach to use port a potties and have your kids play if sand that has god knows what in it. Plus the sound of constructions will be fresh in the air. Watching someone rebuild there life while you are trying to get your surf on changes your vibe real quick.

I understand we need to protect infrastructure, however a big sand dump could make things worse. $100 mil in contracts means a lot of money floating around for groups to "get work done quick."

How does making the beach wider (think wildwood) stop the ocean when its a full lunar high tide of around 8 feet mixed with a ten foot storm surge. The ocean will just go over the new wider beach quite easy I would assume.

At some level we need dunes...big dunes that block the ocean...think 50 foot dunes...but don't touch the shoreline at all....but prob block the homeowners viewed effectively lower property values....necessary evil at this point

Since Sandy most beaches are breaking much further out like it naturally would if we didn't dump a bunch of sand near the water's edge to create the dangerous shorebreak. This means the waves lose their power farther out and don't hit the shorebreak with such great force. This is how the ACOE wants the beach to "eventually be"....a nice gradual slope....THAT'S HOW THE BEACH IS NOW SO WHY NOT LEAVE IT....LET THE JETTIES YOU INSTALLED DO THEIR JOB....BUILD SOME DUNES...RUIN SOME VIEWS...DO THE RIGHT THING....ONLY SURFERS AND FISHERMAN GET THIS **** SO WE PROB GOTTA GET OFF OUR ASSES NOW.

NEXT YEAR PREDICTION....I will driving more to south jersey to take my family to a beach we can actually enjoy and not have to walk a mile to the water and dodge the dangerous non surfable shorebreak which will inevitably be created...