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Thread: booot camp

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    va.waves? - thank you for your service. Good luck and I hope you get stationed somewhere warm with waves aplenty.

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    I was surfing on 9-11 and saw the smoke from the towers from the lineup. I was headed nowhere, and decided to get payback and change my life. It was extremely difficult but ultimately awesome. Good luck and thanks for standing up for your country.
    I think you've mentioned it before but that's probably one of the coolest things I've ever read on this forum. NJSHRED should hoist you onto his shoulders and carry you to the beach.

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    When my son graduated high school, recruiters were calling day and nite. I told them it would be a cold day in hell before they got their hands on him, and to quit calling. We'll stick around here for when the Canucks come pouring over the border to steal our Mexicans.

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    When I was in the navy, there was this Canadian Forces guy doing an exchange tour with the US Navy who used to say to us yanks, "Don't make us come down there and kick your ass again." (Jokingly referring to the War of 1812 when Canada was part of the British Empire)

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    i remember when i left for basic i surfed hurricane irene and left stoked a few days later. i take it your going to ft. lost in the woods for basic right we had a lot of eod guys in my company.

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    USMC 0811(Artillery) 04-08 got stationed in Lejeune. I got to surf in between deployments.

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