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DNREC is not currently in favor of hard structures, only a policy decision, not a requirement. Wouldn't it be better to use Herring Point as the example of success ( in large part through Surfrider FDN) where a groin accomplished the desired result, while not starving the Cape and resulting in a class A break?
Its a double edge sword, the new groin saved Herring Point while NS Jetty @ IRI staves our surf beach of sand. Maybe "soft" structures like Sand Tubes that have been used successfully in Florida might be a future discussion point over hard structures. The Sand tubes (soft structures) are basically nylon tubes filled with sand laid on the sandy bottom paralleled to each other, sand collects in between the tubes and outside the tubes creating a sand bar. I'm not saying its the answer but an option to be studied as there is other "science" related solutions that have been applied on our coasts including world wide coastal engineering so we're not stuck on or too prior "structures" mentally of our region.