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    6'2" Firewire Futura for trade?

    Older model Futura in excellent condition. Looking to unload board because don't use it and getting a little old for the board. Need something 5'11 - 6'1 and at least 19 wide. I have a lot of small wave boards already. Anyone interested let me know. Will also sell for $350 firm. Located in Southern NJ. Thanks
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    Will sell also. No takers?

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    last August you were here selling the board for 350 then dropped it to 300. I said i wanted to buy it, then you messeged me that the board was off the market because it rides too nice.. I'm sure you enjoyed the board all season since then, i'm still iterested to purchase but no where near that price.

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    Staystoked: I think I rode the board once since last sale post. Purchased 3 new boards since and has been on my rack. Wouldn't sell it for less than $300 even though it never gets used now.

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    I have a 5'11 fish, I have a 6' 18 1/2 hp, 5'9 20 1/2 fartknocker

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    Can I get some pictures too?

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    Just purchased a 5'11 fish, have a short wide board like the fartknocker and too old for an 18 1/2 wide board. Thanks