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Thread: Wetsuit boots

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    Wetsuit boots

    Goin out tomorrow morning with a 4/3, boots, gloves, and attachable hood. I may not need all that but I'd rather be warm than cold. I'm goin with one of my buddies and he's only got a 4/3. How long do you think he'll last without boots? Anyone been out recently, and what did you wear? Thanks

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    Rhode Island area by the way. Waters between 52-56

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    Should be fine for a while, unless he gets cold easy. I surfed NH last week wearing a 4/3 and boots, no hood or gloves, and it wasn't bad. Even w/o booties, in RI he should be fine. And it's supposed to be super nice tomorrow. Enjoy, I'm jealous.

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    I was in RI over the weekend. 3/2, no gloves no hood and 3 mil. boots. You'll be fine unless you get cold easy. Duck diving is okay too.

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    my friend was RI with no gloves or hood so you should be alright