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    Minimum and Ideal Quiver

    What do you think is the minimum kit you need to surf year round where you live? What would be ideal for you if money/storage were not issues? For me in RI:

    Wetsuits: Hooded 5/4/3, 3/2, 5mm lobster claw gloves, 7mm boots
    Board: 8 ft single fin egg

    Wetsuits: hooded 5/4/3, 4/3, 3/2, 2mm longjohn, 2mm shortjohn, 2mm wetsuit jacket, 3 mm hood, 5 mm lobster claw gloves, 7mm boots, 3mm boots, 3mm gloves
    Boards: Longboard, shortboard, gunnier single fin egg in the mid-7' area.

    I personally can't see surfing more than 3 boards at a time (even if I had unlimited funds), but do see the advantage of having a lot of wetsuit options in the northeast given the variability of water/air temp.

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    jet ski , 5'7 12 pack of natty and a 3/2 with boots and gloves no hood

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    Quote Originally Posted by billabongmoney View Post
    jet ski , 5'7 12 pack of natty and a 3/2 with boots and gloves no hood
    i can tell your a teenager by the natty ice reference.that shyt is horrible,but its cheap.we used to drink that nastyice back in the day.i have 6boards in my shiver and 2 wetsuits.a 4/3 and a 3/ boards include a 5'8,6'2,6'8,7'0 for the 23ft days,and a 8ft log for summer daze.i also like to bring my kit to the beach where i introvenisly inject different frequencies in my butt

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    23 foot days hmm well you should see the 26 foot days we have in south caorlina, see this is me, the wave stood no chance.south carolina.jpg

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    sure, i'll play...

    wetsuits: hooded 5/4, 3/2, 7mil & 3mil boots, 3mil gloves, long-sleeve top

    boards: log, "90%" board of personal preference, good wave shortboard, swim fins for bodysurfing

    wetsuits: hooded 5/4, 4/3, 3/2, 2mil short-sleeve full, long-sleeve spring, long-sleeve top

    boards: log, small-wave super groveler, "90% board" of personal preference, "alternative" board to mix it up, good wave shortboard, step-up, swim fins for body surfing, paddleboard (prone or SUP) for flat day excursions & fitness.

    that pretty much covers it, IMO. i've been steadily building toward my own personal ideal quiver over the past several years, & i'm starting to really get it dialed. i know i've been saying this for a long time, but i'll gather all my boards together & snap a quiver shot hopefully sometime this summer. probably after the insanity of my impending marriage passes.

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    minimum board: mod fish type board... lowered entry rocker, but nice kick in the tail, with a touch of extra width and thickness, thruster setup. Not a full on groveler, but a sort of hybrid between a groveler and hpsb.

    ideal board: log, hplb, retro fish, alt shape, groveler, hpsb, semi-gun/stepup.

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    Suits: hooded 5/4, 3/2, 7 mil boots and mittens.

    Boards: Relatively performancey grovel board (knee through chest/head) and a go-toto HPSB for better waves.

    Ideal (wouldn't be able to stop writing if I listed everything, but realistically)-

    Suits: 6/5 hood (Northern NE gets COLD), 5/4 hood, 4/3, hooded vest to wear under 4/3, 3/2, 2 mil short arm, long sleeve top

    Boards: small wave groveler, shorter wider template HPSB (like a lot of the newer CI and Biolos shapes), true HPSB, step-up, retro single-fin for f*ing around, funboard, log

    Not sure why this thread made me think of this, but check out this 40-year old mini gun my uncle pulled out of the garage and gave to me....the whole deck is de-lammed and there's some serious dings and gouges, but I'm super stoked on it! Will be really fun to try to fix (never done repairs anywhere near this level myself) and then should be awesome to try out.


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    a log and a good thruster. The rest is whatever.

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    that mini gun is super cool.

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    Min: 4/3, Gloves, Booties, 1mil top,Trunks
    My 5'11" Fish

    Ideal: 4/3, 3/2, Spring Suit, 1mil top, Trunks, Speedo
    5'11" Fish, 5'6" Mini Sim, 6'1" round thumb 5 fin box short board, 6'6' egg, 7' fun board,
    8'4" mini mal, 9' modern type log, 10ft classic log, hand plane, canoe, kayak, boogie board,
    inflatable raft oh and a 8'6" Rhino Chaser fo when I bang hindus at 23'!
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