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    Campbell Brothers Bonzer Speed Egg

    I've been lurking around here for years. I'm 38 years old and I've been surfing a while. I'm 5'8 and my weight stays in the 160 - 170 range but in my age I'm not really getting out of the high 160s. I ride a 5'10 dumpster diver type board and a 5'10 round tail for bigger waves where the board has a pretty full foil. I have an old 6'1 hpsb merrick board too that I never use anymore in my old age and I'm getting a custom any day that is similiar to a sweet potato for the smaller days instead of using the log.

    Now, I'm always looking to try something new and keep it fresh. I was thinking of picking up a 6'2 CB bonzer speed egg. I was hoping it could be used in average-better NJ waves and also in some of the punchier stuff too. I have the thumb tail for the other bigger days. Does anyone have any experience with these boards and the conditions they can be ridden in? I see most people get them in the 6'8 range but I'm thinking the 6'2 may be perfect for me.


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    I saw that board and asked around about it as a grovler. Consensus was better in punchier surf. fast. more carve, less fins free. sounds like what you are looking for. good price too.

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    I think it was njsurfer42 that schooled me in Bonzer technology. I may be wrong on the member, but whoever it was has multiple Bonzers and swears by them up there in the NE. Hopefully he will see this thread and provide some valuable insight.

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    eggs are fantastic all-around type boards...they go in anything, really. i have a 6'0" bonzer egg made by brian wynn that, though i don't ride it often, is always fun when i do take it out. at your size, even accounting for your age, i think 6'2" would be a bit too much board for you unless it was narrower & thinner than the norm. the last 6'2" campbell egg i saw was 20 1/4" wide & just over 2 1/2" thick. that'd be on the big side for me at 32, 6'0" & a fit 190lbs.
    i think you're on to something w/ the idea of picking up a bonzer to mix it up, but something more in line w/ the size boards you're riding now would be better....5'10" or so. b/c of the fuller outline, it'll have more float & paddle than your dumpster diver, which is what'll give it that more "all around" versatility. my dad, who turns 67 this month, rides an 8'0" bonzer egg in literally everything. he's got that & longboard, but i couldn't tell you the last time he surfed his log.