All this local-centric talk lately has me thinking about who the worst people I've ever been around in the lineup are and where they are from. This is completely anecdotal, all about blanket statements and over-generalizations, so don't anyone take this personally and start whining about anything other than what I'm whining about. Got it?

Worst People in the Lineup:

1) Italians: They're always in Barbados, I have no freaking idea what attracts so many of them. I've had them repeatedly fade me, friends and locals I know down there. Seen them get called out of the water, slapped around, yelled at and they still don't seem to get it. The worst was one who almost landed on my head at Soup Bowl on a 3' OH day when I was tucking up under the lip.

2) VA Beachers: I have never seen as many paddle-arounds and senseless paddle battles in one session than those around VA Beach locals and/or transplants. This goes way, way back to my grom years when Hotwax used to run a pro-am and I surfed the 17th St. comp a couple years and having to be around large groups of Vabeechers in the warmup areas. First time I have ever seen kids intentionally sit right underneath you to block you off waves. Not to mention every trip to the OBX I have ever been on--it's almost guaranteed if you have miles of beach to you and a couple buds a group of Vabeechers will paddle out right beside or on top of you. Hell, there are a couple transplants here who do the same thing to this day. They don't usually crowd me out too much because they know I'll just run over them now but they straight up harass my best friend sometimes

3) UNCW Students (excluding Gnaractually, never met him in person but he seems like a standup dude): Beside the fact they all seem to think it's cute to drive down the right turn lane and cut in front of the line of people doing the proper thing waiting for the drawbridge at WB... even though this act of complete selfishness and disrespect relegates them to below rancid douche status in my book, I still think they are worse in the water. This definitely dovetails with the VA Beach factor somewhat, I'm sure. The problem with most UNCW surfers is they are "Summer Pros," and those who do surf in the winter suck just as bad too. It's almost guaranteed if someone ditches their board in front of you, cuts you off only to fall, paddles for the shoulder of the wave you're riding and getting in your way instead of duckdiving the whitewater behind you, back paddles you at Masonboro then has the audacity to ask for a ride on your boat back to WB and/or any other kooky thing you can think of--it's almost surely a UNCW student.

So, what's everyone else's top 3 WORST PEOPLE TO SURF AROUND?