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Number 3. People that can't surf as good as me. I'm out there taking things seriously. Trying to bust off lips and drop in on quad OH. Or when I'm on my <br />Boards: 5’9″ round tail Semi Pro, Thruster/Quad setup and I'm shooting up in air (see avatar) they keep trying to get in my way acting like a bunch of kooks. Please don't say head high is big. Where I'm from when its that size we turn our noses on it up. <br /><br />Number 2. Weak people. If you can't do the basic fundamentals of bodybuilding then GET OUT OF THE WATER. No one respects you. <br /><br />Number 1. People from NC and below. There all hicks. They get no waves. They have dumb avatars (dloren I know that's the guy from dos Equis you aren't fooling me) or the guy with the pic of a guy holding a boogie board with a reel flag. Or some idiot making a blog and raising money for people that can't even walk and \"claiming that by catching 2 foot waves he is surfing... And all the other ones. Stay down there and read your bibles and grab your shotguns and listen to country music because I just destroyed you!
Wow sounds like your a ... Uh... Summer pro?!?!