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im from vb and totally agree.rotfl.weve got some of the best waisthigh wonders around.live 5 min from beach and surf in vb maybe three times a year usually when it finally gets good then its pretty much a blast to paddle out in the pack and watch all the waist high slop chargers get there asses handed to them.donkeys. would rather make the two hour drive for solitude and quality waves but we go down every swell and do our homework so when its on were not all coralled at the stress turns being that guy.guess id be that guy to if i was stuck here and never got any waves pooor baastards

I'm a major **** now anytime I paddle out in VA beach. All of the punks, young and old alike, will take one look at my grizzly mean mug and just stay away. They can't hang with my relentless paddle to beat the sideshore current. Nothing I hate more than a day of good spread out swell with no sideshore current, lots of kooks in the line up then that would've otherwise gotten blasted down the beach within five minutes of approaching me. I actually add to the sideshore current by pushing so much water behind me while I work against it. It's a certified 5 mph faster right behind me, although if you stay in my wake I've heard it's like nascar drafting. Of course you have to have the balls to keep the peddle to the metal.

I remember one day I paddled out in the OBX and my ankle was busted from jumping out of a truck that was moving the night before. I actually would've landed running but I hit a pothole and twisted my ankle on the dismount. Anyway though this punk kid starts saying "locals only", we are on pea island there are no real locals and most of them are my descendants from VA so I didn't know what this guy was talking about. I was basically maimed out there with one good leg so I was having problems. Eventually I sat inside and late dropped lazily into a barrel and got spit out and came back to the lineup and this kid was telling his buddy how I Just got spit out in front of him while he was paddling out. No more locals only talk, this guy actually came over and gave me a pat on the ass and said nice job. I told him, "whoa bud, i don't know how y'all do thing down here in the sweet south but I'm not john wayne." He just laughed and shook his head disappointingly and we shared waves the rest of the day.