Give respect / get respect is a great saying but it seems that sometimes it only applies to non-locals or the less experienced. Locals and advanced surfers need to do the same. I surfed Indian River, DE a few years back and I'm a pretty lousy surfer and rarely get in the water. I know surf etiquette though. There were only 3 of us in the water on a waist high right break and this one young 18-21 year old guy would constantly ignore any respect for either of the other 2 of us and paddle right or left of us to the peak and snake any/every wave he could as if neither of us existed at all. Myself and the other guy weren't nearly as good as this tool, but the other respectful one and I took proper turns in the lineup. After 3-4 snakes I hollered at the tool to wait his turn but he ignored me and never said a word. Just because you are the better surfer doesn't mean you can disrespect others less experienced who are doing it fairly. So what if we occassionally fall on the pop up or miss a wave with a weak paddle or poor wave selection. It's was a freaking waist high day for gods sake!