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    The weekend forecast is so good....

    ...that I'll be at the national park side of AI:

    sitting on the beach in my chair swatting the newly-hatched horseflies by the thousands.

    observing the wave-flattening effect of the gusting SE winds.

    wondering what happened to spring swells.

    contemplating the way raindrops soak everything I brought with me.

    saving stranded doofus horseshoe crabs from being eaten alive by the rats with wings.

    trying not to think of what it's like on the north coast of Costa Rica at the moment.

    sigh.....I'll have a full cooler if anyone else is out there.

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    Quote Originally Posted by yankee View Post
    wondering what happened to spring swells.
    They happen...right there...two days ago:

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    I actually think this spring has been pretty good. Love that picture, I sent it to Jay.

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    Terrific pic. Had a bit of that at AI a couple of weeks ago.
    I'm just being cranky. Ignore!

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    Not too bad in my book... But not epic... We really gotta ask GRUVI about his spring swell recap... Since your surfing his spot and all lol

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    Mitchell, is that AI state side or town?

    Actually, my barkin' was at the wknd code red fucast. Not SI, not Surfline, not anyone in particular, just y'know....barkin'....
    The winds are makin' me crazy, crazy....

    Seems like it's been better up in town than at AI; although I've had several sessions at AI this spring where it's been all-time, truly, so no beefs on that score; in real time, the state side has been a bit better than NPS side, but there have been a few decent exceptions to that view, too. Shark Bar has been good. Easier times way down the line near the Chincoteague line.
    Gotta be in it to win it, as the saying goes.

    As for ya buoy Gruvi, he may have morphed into the NYShredmachine or that other dude who appeared recently, JeckerO, who posts in a style that's eerily reminiscent of Gruvi.

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