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    want to surf this summer in NC/SC/FL area

    We want to surf this summer in the NC/SC/FL area. What's the best place to go? Is there anywhere in the middle of the summer? Or we can go around the end of August. We were thinking about Oak Island or Holden Beach, NC. Anyone been there before? Or we're open to other ideas! Thanks a bunch!

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    hi, there is usually no (95% of the time flat) surf in Oak Island or Holden, especially in Summer. But then again late August is Hurricane Season so you could get lucky. Play it safe and get yourself out to one of the many barrier islands from cape lookout northward, otherwise known as THE OUTER BANKS. good luck and enjoy the sweet Tea!

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    Whatever you do don't come to Nags Head! Tourist get criticized badly. Just saving you the trouble, but lighthouse is good sometimes but the summer in NC is the worst!!!

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