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    Quote Originally Posted by Erock View Post
    I'd argue it: The current was pulling you to the pier and you were obviously trying to get a wave to come in and walk back up the beach. PLUS you would have wound up UNDER the pier had you tried to paddle all the way in so too the best of the two options you had available to you--taking a wave, even bellying it in is way quicker and easier to get to your reference point on the beach because you can make more lateral headway while heading in. There were no fishermen on that side of the pier because only an idiot would try to toss bait up-current and up-wind and another pier fisherman would correct them very quickly in the event they did--so you thought you had a little room. You don't carry a tape measure with you surfing and due to the drift and angle to where the marker is on the beach (we have red pilings, I assume you have something like that) it was very hard to judge your distance and you thought you were at least 250' from the pier. Lastly, there were skimboarders swimming and riding waves UNDERNEATH the pier who the officer didn't seem to care about.

    ^^^ THIS ^^^ Best option for sure.

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    I flat out hate the copys in VB. Everwhere else I treat them withthe respect they derserve. Cops from Norfolk, Chesapeake etc think they're ****s too....According to my brother-in-law who is a Norfolk cop.

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    norfolk and portsmouth cops are cool because they have REAL crime to deal with. Va Beach and Chesapeake cops just fill their ticket quotas by harassing the innocent.

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    It sounds like your buddy was used by the cops as an example to other surfers. We're discussing it here so unfortunately it worked. That sux. Hopefully in a couple of weeks the coast guard types will have their hands full with bigger fish to fry and the local cops/guards will be the enforcers. They usually give more warnings and use (i can't believe i'm typing this) a little better judgement when balancing ocean conditions with swimming tourons. No matter what laws you are breaking, in or out of the water, the federal guys with badges don't mess around with things like warnings.

    At least the lifeguards have been pretty quick to put up the red flags in recent years. We've had a lot more areas to surf during the few summer swells we get. For those of you not from 'round these parts, generally when the red flags are flying you can surf at the non-surfing beaches during non-surfing hours as long as you're not riding the shorebreak into swimmers that can only get wet up to their ankles.

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    FYI: boogieboard + no fins = swimmer
    I was at the beach and I didn't have my board with me one day last summer. The windswell picked up enough to offer a few nice shorebreak dumpers so i borrowed a buddy's sponge. Lifeguards called me out of the water due to red flag conditions. I'm like "What the hell?? There are tons of bodyboarders out." He said you're considered a swimmer if you don't have fins.

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    3-4 o'clock, perhaps the touron he was hittin on got distracted by the surfing. Quite a crowd these inlanders. I have seen the police and lifeguards get puffy-chested at the surfers before as if these chicks will respect that. To it's their own I suppose. I have dounted my sanity seeing this level of behavior.

    While on the subject, how does that conversation go? "What's up girl? I get a discount on meatballs subs at Bella Pizza." I suppose it could work on a hungry Russian.

    Fight it. What to you have to lose?

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    Quote Originally Posted by KillaKiel View Post
    I suppose it could work on a hungry Russian.
    Too bad they've just about quit giving out summer work visas to eastern europeans. Now it's all Chinese students working at McDonalds practicing english instead of hungry russians dancing on the bar at Central 111 for $$'s.

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    Sounds ridiculous to me. How much is the fine? If it's an ongoing problem, maybe ite time the surfers band together and lobby the town council or mayor. And demonstrate your financial worth to the community, for example, surfers buy gas for their car to get there, buy local boards, buy food for the beach or afterwards, attract tourists who like to watch the surfers and so forth. This tactic has helped some surfers to change their towns approach toward them. Money talks.

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    Imagine 757 Surfer blows off paying the fine or going to court or whatever the sitaution calls for. He has a few beers, listening to some ghetto beats, and is thinking, "What would Allen Iverson do in this situation...?"

    So he blows it off.

    8 months later Dog and Beth get the case. Dog goes, " Ok, Leleand who is this guy and what's he wanted for?"

    Leland's all, " His name is 757 Surfer, and he failed to appear in court for surfin' too close to the pier. Buzby Bail Bonds bailed him outta the county and he skipped court and hasn't checked in."

    So 757 Surfer becomes a fugitive with Dog and Beth on his trail. Desparate and rattled, 757 Surfer delves deep into the Portsmouth street scene where he goes downhill quick from bathsalt abuse......

    Dog and crew finally catch up with an emaciated(Erock, spelling?) 757 Surfer who is selling dirty deeds for $10.00 a pop.

    Dog arrests him, gives him a cigarette and talks to him aboot Jesus. Beth chides him for being an inconsiderate surfer and not following Virginia Beach surfing regulations. 757 Surfer then starts crying and screaming aboot "his kids." 757 is then transported to The Portsmouth City Jail and winds up being severley beaten by some guy who appeared on Beyond Scared Straight a year prior.

    All of this could have been avoided had 757 Surfer been cautious and mindful of Virginia Beach surfin' regulations. But in true surfer spirit, 757 said, "F Virginia Beach's surfin' regulations." And that is admirable.

    Oh don't worry...........after being placed in a particulary rough cell block, 757 got a break when SUPERFISH used his police connections and was able to spring 757 out of da county.

    GOSH DARN !!! Virginia Beach is exciting !!!

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    Go to court for it , yeah it sucks but I got the same exact ticket last year and Everyone with the surfing violation ticket got off the court was super busy so we ended up in a juvenile court room and the judge was super annoyed he was having to hear cases about surfers so he ended up dismissing everyone's case. I guess just a couple of officers check the beach for surfers because 3 officers were responsible for all the tickets so when you go your not going to be alone. And if its not dismissed just say you were surfing near the pier heard the officer calling people in and you ended up with a ticket even though you were not in the no surf zone just near it.