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  1. [QUOTE=Busting airs;167881]I'm getting ready to take a month long vacation. I need it. Been working 80 hour weeks!! Made tons though. Was wanting to catch real waves not none of these Carolina beach Kure beach Wrightsville beach OBX waves. So I was thinking either California to surf mavericks or Hawaii to hit up jaws. What board should I buy. My last one
    that i ordered a 60″ round pin 18 3/8″ x 2 1/4″ tapered at the rail with a little more volume, 2 3/8″ at the center for the biggest Bells days.

    He just copied this. Pathetic... But hilarious...

    I also have a 61″ x 19 1/2″ x 2 1/2″ Flyer swallow tail

    And here's this one...

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    He is an unoriginal little guy. Copy/paste champion.

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    What you really need is a rubber ducky for the bath tub. Those are the biggest waves you have ever seen...braaaah.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Busting airs View Post
    Thank for the numerous replies to the thread I created. Ill look into those shapers and see if they can put me on a board that can do what I need it to.
    Skip all of that, junior. Sign up for English grammar lessons. Might help you on the SAT's.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Busting airs View Post
    Sorry grammar king. Ill make sure I have the right spelling for a post on a surf forum... You're a fking idiot..
    Sorry, to its their own and all. I was just referendum to youre other posts that made me laughter, you cocky jersey piece of flaming dog crap. Make sure your mouth doesn't cash checks that your butt writes.

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