yeah - with the Sanford situation (as opposed to the Jersey Shore "Situation"), i am not sure SC should critique anyone's leadership.

Christie gets some points for sticking up for his voters versus the party and for some good sound bites. Like most of these guys he is looking out for #1 and will serve the people when those interests coincide. He has made some improvements in the state and probably screwed some things up. He does a good job of the "i'm one of you guys" image. and he was video'd eating a donut just before lap-band surgery.

he is a fatty which does not speak to leadership but certainly to lack of self control

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He speaks his mind but seems to be wishy washy a lot of the time.

I've heard the "He's fat so he must be a bad leader" argument before. And I think it's complete BS every time I hear it. Actions and ideas speak more than body type.

With that being said, I'll bow out of the argument since I'm from SC and was not invited.