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    curl... I'm not reading you wrong... in fact we probably agree on more than we disagree. The facts are the facts. Things are out of hand... public workers' pensions, student loan debt, municipal bonds... We're in a tight spot, and there seems to be no bright light at the end of the tunnel, either.

    I work in a school district with some of the highest achieving high school students in the country. But the programs I run are for the opposite end of the spectrum... an alternative high school for "at risk" kids from some of the worst districts in the county and state, and a few vocational programs for kids looking to go straight to work after high school. I have CHOSEN to work here, and have turned down opportunities to work in better schools, with high achieving students. And guess what... I turned down the bigger money that went with it, too.

    So when people say things like, "teachers don't care about kids," I get absolutely incensed. Because I know first hand the difference between people who genuinely care, and people who only say they care, the latter of the two are more often found in the legislature, and not the classroom.
    Well said.

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    waves came up fyi ,