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Well the weather up in Nueve Yersey is going to resemble an October day rather the unofficial beginning of summer. So it's not going to be a great beach day for the masses. Plus, the water ain't exactly summer warm rights aboots now.

So, maybe the line-ups won't be so bad this weekend. Then again, maybe they will be. Will be kind of interesting to see if people blow off New Jersey this summer because they think it's trucked up from Superstorm Sandy.

You guys down south.....yeah you're screwed. It's going to be mobbed. I just heard two house fraus discussing their upcomming trips to North Carolina this coming weekend. And their kids are really big, fat, greasy Jersey Italian types. Real loud mouthed, too. One of the kids was a mouth breather, too. Ha, they are going to take over your beaches......lol....wooo hoooo.......ha ha.......lol......woo hoo HEY YO VIN - NY !!!
Quick! Erock, Dlrouen, Rcarter! Shut down Snow's Cut Bridge! I'm going to go comandeer the Fort Fisher Ferry!