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    Beater Boards: Anyone have one? Reviews

    I got a Catch Surf Beater Board (54") as a gift for those almost flat days when I'm at the non-surfing beach with the wife. I'd rather be tooling around in the shorebreak on a boogie board or body surfing with an occasional trip to my chair for a few 12oz curls than sitting on my azz in said chair all day.

    I'm wondering if I should exchange the 54" for the original 48" since I doubt I will be using the thing to do much stand up surfing. Once the waves get big enough to ride the VB lifeguards typically raise the red flags which also opens the water up for surfing which is what I'd rather be doing anyway. Plus skimboarding the 54" seems like it would snap in half after not too much use.

    Has anyone owned one? If so, did you wish you had the shorter or longer one? If it's actually fun to surf it, I may keep the one I have. If not, I'm thinking the shorter one would be more fun d!ck drag into some shorebreak tubes.

    Input appreciated. I couldn't find many good reviews when i looked last xmas.

    BTW I'm 6'1" 180lbs.
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