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    Who's surfing tomorrow in wildwood?

    Im basically the typical 14 year old that try's to surf as much as possible but it's basically up to the parents. Haven't surfed since October because parents think surfing in cold is ridiculous and if the weather is bad I can't go because they don't want to sit on the beach in the rain or cold and I don't blame them, but they think I can't take of myself when I'm out alone. I'm 6'2" 165, so I'm a pretty big kid. Sorry had to vent don't really have anyone to talk to in person right now. Who is going surfing tomorrow in wildwood because I have to show my parents that there will be people there, because they just want to go up to the board and rides for my little sister because that's what my stepmom wants to do and she gets her way?

    That felt good.

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    Zman's parents: surfing in Wlidwood will be safe tomorrow because the waves are going to be 1 foot high.

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    Lol they just don't want me out there alone, it Memorial Day there going to be a ridiculous amount of people there rain or shine, cold or warm.