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    Quote Originally Posted by lalit View Post
    I thought I've seen threads about the CI biscuit but didn't see as much as I'd hoped. I"m thinking about getting one. I've been riding a longboard pretty much exclusively and on occasion a 7'6" funboard, but wanted to try something some with a different feel to it. CI suggests the biscuit as an all level board so I thought it would be a good choise. This is mostly for small waves looking to go bigger. I'd love to hear feedback on the board if you have it. thanks.
    Not sure where your located but i thought i remembered you surf Maryland sometimes. If you're ever in the OCMD area you might want to see Lee at Malibu's Surf shop and ask about Chemistry Disks as an alternative to the Biscuit.

    I bought a 5'10" Chemistry Disk at the beginning of last summer, and just love it. Its pretty much been my go-to board for the past year in every type of condition except HH+

    Its a wider board in both the nose and tail than the biscuit, and paddles and rides like a longer board. I bought a 5'10" and probably in hindsight should have gotten a 5'8" but love it regardless. I'm 5'9" and about 160.

    Lee was great to work with, called up the Chemistry guys while i was there, put in the order, and i had the board in about a month. I know it cost less than a Channel Islands and a year later after TONS of use, its only got a few heel dents in the deck.

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    the biscuit has horribly thick rails, which would makes turns unbearably corky for me. It's also an incredibly thick board, so be careful not to get one so large/buoyant that you can't duck dive it. Boards this flat (no rocker) pearl very easily and take a lot of effort to turn...don't be fooled by watching machado ride it

    I owned a CI pod, which is thinner and has smaller rails...and even that was too much for me. I couldn't get the rail deep enough in the water, so turns felt very "rolley". Fortunately, it had just enough rocker to turn it at all and a little bit of flip in the nose so it didn't wanna pearl every wave...but I quickly got rid of it anyhow

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    Thanks for all the feedback, very helpful. Mitchell the Chemistry Disk looks sick, I'll check that out as well. I do get out to assateque from time to time. I found a used biscuit at a good price which is why i'm considering it now. I'm still learning about the dynamics of board shape, size and volume. But the goal with this board is I think as one person said to get more volume but not a funboard (which I have) and see what I can do with it. I was suspisious of it being marketing claim of it working in knee and up mush, seems like it really starts to work waist with some form to the wave.

    I also forgot to mention i"m 5' 11" 140lbs

    I did forget to mention that I'm also looking for a travel friendly board as well as something my nine year old might be able to take to the foam to start learning.

    I might have too many expectations for this board or maybe just looking for justification to get it.