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    Weekend Scoreboard

    Figured anyone scoring on this Memorial Day Weekend could list with details and photos so all can share.

    The islands (MV/Nantucket) had 7+ forecasted and have big days coming tomorrow as well. Here in EMass, the swell came in good last night (albeit with chop) after a few flat days. Thursday was 3-5 feet in a couple spots while RI looks to be cranking at 8+ in some spots.

    Friday looks to be clean as hell and bigger in many places in MA/RI, up to 5-6ft in EMass with a day of offshores culminating in glassy conditions and 5ft @ 8s in the evening in some spots, and with good power (400+ kJ). A couple spots in RI are purported to have up to 10ft with clean conditions after supper. Have been watching RI all week as it's looked great on paper though MA looked like it would be getting more and more of that same swell as the days neared. May have to bite the bullet and pull a morning sesh in MA then zip to RI for that one last chance to use the minigun (translation for my surfing=eat $hit mad times=fun) until cane season kicks in.

    Saturday will be larger and rough (5+), but perhaps the wind will not smother rideable waves in some breaks in MA. Sunday looking much smoother with 3-4ft with moderate offshores most of the day. Looks like that'll just about wrap her up until further notice as the power recedes. Things look weak in MA but decent in RI at end of next week but that's so far out these early reports mean little.

    This may sound like I'm reading you the weather report, and that's what I'm basically doing. I've spent a fair amount of time each night this week figuring out where the action will be on this long weekend as I want it to be a great one. Relaying the copious info I've tracked all week while some early reports still stand and even better and others are now not happening. Saving you guys time in the end, if you happen to be a New Englander.

    For the non-New Englanders and everyone else, throw up some posts of what came your way this weekend and how it was. If you are in NE, say what you experienced and let's see if the original reports stood up. Hope everyone out there gets some good surf for a long and leisurely weekend!

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    Surfed for 5 hours straight. Thought it was 2. We didn't get out of the water once after getting in. Lots of waves, many to catch clean with what were good conditions most of the day and glassy the other part at the end.

    Hope you guys got some fortune today on the water and have it coming this weekend as well.

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    Always curious about Nantucket, and to a lesser extent The Vineyard. Having visited both islands, particularly Nantucket, as kid & teen (stayed at the old Coast Guard rescue station youth hostel, back in the day), but not as a surfer. What's the 411 on Nantucket in summer / autumn, for example?

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    BTW, vry good call by swellinfo for AI today. Had a blast! Chest high on sets.

    The, still nippy out there. Is it really almost June? Water temp was ay caramba...several guys got out to go get booties & came back......I know, I know.... shredmachine, we're all southern fruitcakes who can't handle 23' popsicle bombs............

    The ocean had a bite to it today....many guys without gloves were burying hands in pits for warmth; the air temp dropped 17 degrees in 30 minutes in the afternoon; SUP's were blown out, literally; the rains came in the form of downpours; but the wave faces were clean & green & fun all day long & the people in the water at AI are always cool heads and good to talk with and get to know.

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    freezing water,4/3,boots,gloves.freezing air,hoods,pumping swell for late may,crazy nnw winter wind,and stoked.
    swell is gone today,just really tiny.
    invader kooks are back.

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    The strong offshores look not to be killing the waves this AM. 5ft and peeling decent from A-frames on about half the set. Other have straight close out. Looks like could be a meaty AM sesh here in MA so I'm about to go dine.

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    Scratch that. There were two opposing swells coming in from different directions, one at 4ft and the other 6. The result was brought to you by our friends at Whirlpool. Fought through set after set to get out back where the height and faces were good but just wasn't really happening at low tide. The 1-2 waves at the back were basically closing out as a result of the combo of swells. Managed a couple turbulent takeoffs despite virtually no takeoff zone but it's always good practice and a heck of a workout.

    Family time now at the beach house so I'll keep an eye on the surf the rest of the day and get back out another 1-2 times. The offshores are supposed to get down to 10mph and below later in the day so lets hope there is a single swell at work by then.

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    7 Foot..........8 Foot ? Wow, it seems like New England's always 8 foot. 8 foot. 8 foot. 8 foot+ You know most of the surfer dudes don't literally use a ruler 12 inches when describing a foot. Rhode Island wasn't 8+ foot yesterday.

    Here in beautiful New Jersey, yesterday, at my humble location was 18 to 19 feet below 23 feet. Hard offshores. The interesting thang was that it was in the 50's, cloudy as hecks, and windy. Oh yeah the water temp is like 53-54 F. Friggin awesome. It was like early Novemeber oot there. Just a few crackers came oot but they seem to have trouble getting out. Thankfully it wasn't 8 foot. That would have been sketchy, ya dig.

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    Keep opening your garbage trap and you'll have 8 feet of azz whoop. I'll count them out one by one just so you believe it's that much.

    My posts in this thread are a collection of reports compiled and compared from the various outlets, not eyewitness testimony and claims on my end.

    Lighthouse, Matunuck, Pilgrim, and Ruggles all had 8-10ft forecast in the earlier part of yesterday. If you think that's a bunch of blarney, then piss away some of your weekend caring about it. I don't, because I wasn't there yesterday. Pretty cool though, that your spy tech gear spans the distance from your American armpit of a home to RI. Either that or some of your spaghetti vendor friends have planted themselves in Newport with plans to annex the small state into the spiritual, cultural, and geological abyss that Jersey is.

    As for these outlandish, voodoo "feet" units of measurement all of these sites, oceanographers and meteorologists use to describe magnitude of swell, be my guest to straighten them out with the earth-shattering formula that you and your surfer dude cohorts algorithmically quantify surf heights with. You must've graduated Hogwarts with honors boy genius.

    And FYI...the only "beautiful" thing in Jersey are the signs saying "Welcome to Pennsylvania" or NY, etc.

    Lastly, you can steer the butt hurt claims back your own way. I'm having a heck of a weekend and it just got better by you reminding me how much better I feel about life than yourself. Cheer up pal, you guys have Yuengling there and we don't.

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    Quote Originally Posted by EmassSpicoli View Post
    As for these outlandish, voodoo "feet" units of measurement all of these sites, oceanographers and meteorologists use to describe magnitude of swell, be my guest to straighten them out with the earth-shattering formula that you and your surfer dude cohorts algorithmically quantify surf heights with.
    oceanoraphers and meteorologists aren't giving surf reports to other surfer, so dont need straighenting out.

    If you want to give a surf report that other surfers will find informative, then adopting generally accepted surfers scale of measurement is the way to go. Might as well speak the language, right.

    A surf report of "8 foot" means huge, hardly anyone making the paddle out, 9/10 people standing on the beach looking, every set wave has face height well over 10 feet on the peak.

    If thats how it looked where you went, then call it 8 foot. If you find yourself calling it 8 foot more than a few times a year, you are either very lucky, or more likely overcalling.