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Thread: chest zip?

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    chest zip?

    the only thing i don't like about my flash bomb 4/3 chest zip is that when i duck dive a lot of water comes in from the neck. my seal around my neck is not tight at all but the suit does fit me perfect.some of the water goes out the drainage hole but not all of it. i hate to say this about the flashbomb. but can anyone recommend a suit that is watertight?

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    I'm pretty happy with the XCEL XZip 2 and that includes days with several hour sessions largely consisting of duck diving long sets to get out back. Could be wrong, but you're gonna get some water in there duck diving bigger waves repeatedly.

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    ok thanks i will check it out.

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    I have the O'neill Psyco 1 and the thing is dry as an elders pu** im just playing but it is great and I got it in a 3/2

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    Graphic. But articulate.

    HUGE difference between the XZip 2 & the SLX.

    Can't comment on suits other than XCEL and Rip Curl. XCEL is all I'll wear. The Flashbomb and EBomb seem to generally get good reviews.

    If you're not a germophobe, a good idea would be to find a shop that rents suits and boards and take potential suits out on a rental for the test drive.

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    that O'neill suit does look good!

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    so, chest zips don't guarantee no flushing. Plus, just because you say the suit fits you "perfect" doesn't mean it actually does.

    I recently bought a rip curl online, based on their size chart, and it ended up being too large by one size (yes, I measured myself with a tailors tape). I was so pissed, I returned it for an o'neill psycho 3. The o'neill size chart is about as right on as you can get, but I still get some flushing (keeping the psycho 3 because it's thinner/lighter to the comparable rip curl, but just as warm)

    Only suit I've ever had that didn't flush was a first gen chest zip rip curl that was one size too small...don't know why I kept wearing it because it was a b*tch to get on, strangled me when I was wearing it and took about 30 minutes to get back off.

    Unless you get a suit custom tailored, it's probably going to have some loose and/or tight spots, somewhere...sounds like you may have a small neck/shoulders and a large torso.