[QUOTE=brewengineer;169050]That is my problem with old archy. I agree with some of the stuff he posts, and I am pro local and organic foods. Then he goes off on a tin foil rant about vaccines and the evils of modern medicine.

An interesting article about people that believe in all conspiracy theories.

I also agree that more studies need to be done on the effects of GMO.

While I agree there has to be more testing of GMO's and I myself avoid GMO's, the general public should know if what they are eating is GMO or not. The FDA deputy was a VP for Monsanto. That sounds corrupt to me. Monsanto with the help from our gov should not be allowed to play god with the earths food supply. Even if you grow you own and/or buy local organic you still aren't safe. Seeds and pollen are carried by wind water and animals and can infect any crop anywhere.

Read the insert for flu vaccine. There are risks. Some serious.
Not to mention their ineffectiveness. http://m.cbsnews.com/storysynopsis.r...catid=57563507
Here's a list of people awarded compensation from a court of law from flu vaccine injuries. Some cases death occurred. http://drtenpenny.com/vaccine-court-...shot-injuries/

The government promotes the flu vaccine as a form of protection, but you never hear from the gov to take vitamin c, zinc to boost your immunity. I juice twice a day and load up on vitamins. I have not had a cold or flu in 10 years.

Here's a list of some ingrediants in most common vaccines. I'll pass thank you. I don't want to inject myself with monkey fetal cells or human fetal cells. Formaldehyde aluminum dioxide mercury: aren't these toxic. Remember the people approving these ingrediants as safe at those levels also approve the safety of flouride in drinking water.

So I beg to differ from your "I'm a kook" argument. The medical industry along with gov and private corps do stuff for the sake of profit and not in our best interest. That's not a conspiracy theory. That's fact.