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yeah I read the article. creating artificial bacteria in a controlled environment aided by computers that are manipulated by man differs greatly from primordial soup.

time and space are infinite therefore the possibilities are infinite.

you and your kind can spend your lives trying to unlock the secrets of life in a lab, telescope, microscope, petri dish, test tube, etc.

I put my faith in spiritual science. I chose to live in a spiritual world while confined to this 3 dimensional physical world. I do not fear death, and I have found great purpose in this life.

please respect my beliefs as I respect yours.
I do not fear death. I don't care if you are spiritual, but don't try to enter a debate on the origins of life and speak like creationism is fact. If your purpose in life was spreading fear mongering on a surfing forum, then I guess you are succeeding. Just remember, spiritual science didn't give us longer lifespans.