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    looking for some thought im about 5/11 190 to 200 lbs in good surfing shape currently riding a eps 6.5 18 5/8 2 1/2 the magic board for me in anything stomach high or better when its top to bottom. not hatn but i personaly hate lb ing just not my cup of tea been there tried it hated it to slow and sluggish. looking to get a grovel board for when im stuck invb in the mush bought like 5 different fishes and they always feel slughish and to on top of the wave and not through it and dont really seem to catch waves any better than what i got want something super high performance, paddling not really an issue i do plenty of it and it doesnt bother me. just need something fast and responsive
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    anyone any ideas

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    Firewire Sweet Potato....I'm about the same weight/height and picked up a 5'6". I ride it with the K2.1 quad setup.

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    Im about your height and weight and have been riding bing dharmas in the 5'6" - 6'0" range. They are great boards for small mushy waves I actually have a 6'0" im gonna be selling in a few weeks. I have recently gotten into Firewires and I am really impressed by them. After hearing so much bashing of these boards I was hesitant but I was getting tired of seeing my friend on a Dominator catch twice the waves, I went and bought one and really love it. Not sure if it is the shape of the board or the EPS epoxy combination that I like but I am really into them now. I just ordered a timber tech Baked potato in a 5'9" for the summer mush. Im imagining it's gonna be great if it's anything like my Spitfire.
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    cool thanks im almost at the point of giving up on it if its not stomach high and damnit i aint that old yeah ill check it out

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    cool thanks ill check it out

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    Quote Originally Posted by supa76 View Post
    cool thanks im almost at the point of giving up on it if its not stomach high and damnit i aint that old yeah ill check it out
    nah, man...I'm telling you...the first time I took mine out was in 1-2' conditions, every other person in the water was on a longboard, caught a hella-ton of waves and had a blast.

    They are a little pricey, though and don't come with fins...
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    yeah i have to say the sweet potato is fun its great in mush but held up in head high conditions . i would not call it a groveler but the hypto krypto is a fun board too i have ridden it in thigh high junk to over head .

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    Was recently introduced to Bing's short board line...both dharma and swea'pea would probably be something u may be interested in. I recently purchased the board below...grovels pretty well and is fun for the smaller days--i wouldn't say there are many boards that have an HP feel in the mush, but works well enough. its Called the "rude boy."

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    ^that's a hot little board

    anyway, supa76, I'm about the same height/weight as you and had some eps boards in the same size range as what you're riding...and they were all way too buoyant (one might say I shoulda learned my lesson after the first 2, but I was trying different constructions, rails, brands, etc). The over buoyancy makes duck diving difficult, makes the board try to track up the face of steeper waves and bounces the board around in anything close to bumpy conditions. Now, if you got those same dims in a poly board, it would work.

    Bottom line, you gotta go much shorter/thinner with eps...and you gotta get them hand shaped so you can ask for more glass to counterbalance the lightness of the foam. Poly is infinitely easier to get a well balanced board...and much cheaper