I thought I'd beat-out a certain North Jersey Go pro dude with this post today.

Tomorrow(or heck do it today) go find you a World War II vet and give him a hug. Buy him some chicken wings and some microbrew craft beer............unless he really likes that mass produced American beer/water.

Be nice to the current crop of vets fighting those Taliban types too. Now, they deserve our deepest sympathies because our military commanders put them in harms way wayyyyyyy to often. They make/made targets out of them. You can't fight a conventional war against an enemy who wears no uniform, all the while having to do it without any colateral damage. These dudes in A-Stan and Iraq were put in bad sitautions. If you are going to invade a country with a conventional force, then INVADE the country. Blow it up.

Also, throw some vibe tomorrow to any British, German, Japanese, Taliban-ish, Serbian, and any other nationality we have had scrap with.........oh oh dudes from Grenada.............I reckon the north can hassle southerners and vice versa tomorrow, too in honor or The War of Northern Aggression

Oh jeez, I'm just joking in the last paragraph. Neither I , nor SWELLINFO condones throwing vibes at any nationality the United States of America may have or had military conflict. Oh yeah, some of y'all need to learn aboot paragraphs. Really, if you are going to post a long one, then please use paragraphs. It makes it easier to digest. Thank you.