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    okay so i guess that there are a decent amount of fishermen here so, i want to get a rod and real for fishing. 100% of the fishing will be from the beach but im lost when it comes to what i should be looking at. not trying to drop alot of $ but who is? so if anyone could help thatd be cool. sorry for the lack of info i just dont know where to start

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    a nice set up for the money is the Penn Fierce in the 400 or 4000 range (mid size) and an Ugly Stick classic 7' rod. My dad has that set up and it works out well on the stripers and blues up here. I have the Penn Slammer 460 with an ugly stick which Id recommend too.

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    For local conditions, I go with a 9' St. Croix Mojo Surf rod and a Penn Sargus (7000?) reel. Moderately priced and very versatile.

    The best place to go advice and gear, IMO, is Sciortino's Tackle Box up Hazlet, right on Route 35. It's a little drive, but the guys in there are good people, and their advice and knowledge is rock solid.
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    Number 1 question is what do you wanna catch?

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    when i fish in jersey i use my ugly stick 7 foot surf cast and a plug or a crippled heron thats what i use for striped bass

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    Quote Originally Posted by LBCrew View Post
    For local conditions, I go with a 9' St. Croix Mojo Surf rod.
    Good Choice! Or even a smaller size- i have a 7ft (or maybe its 7.5??) mojo surf- its perfect for the beach, inlet and even the boat! you will not get the distance or be able to throw heavier plugs with a 7ft... if you want that get the 9

    Personally - i find that if your going to spend a little bit of cash- spend more on a good rod... reels tend to come and go- unless you drop the big bucks... a Penn or a Shimano is a good choice...

    This is for NJ stripped bass of coarse...

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    Lb speaks some words of wisdom , fishing from the beach a 9 ft should be your min , most guys I fish with have 10 s for some distance . 130 on a penn slammer and a rod for 100 is the ticket , a sealine or tsnumia with 15 lb test.

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    well it depends on what you are fishing for

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    Man Ive been thinking the same thing. I live right on the bay and been wanting to fish for sometime im mostly looking for flounder, stripped bass, but would like a versatile rod and reel.

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    If you are looking for a decent set up and low cost, Walmart actually carries some decent PENN fishing reels and Shakespeare salt water spinning rods. Prob gonna be your best set up for the lowest cost.

    Thats a casting rod, but they have saltwater spinning as well. Just to give you an idea