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    It was raw but not that bad...fair trade IMO for less humans.
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    yeah Friday I wore my 3/2 chest zip with 3 mm boots and 5 mm gloves and was warm for a couple hours. then Saturday morning the air temps were colder and I didn't want to put my wet set up back on, so I wore my 654 and was nice and toasty for 4+ hrs. The waves were breaking chest-head high once in a while.

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    yeah i dont know about 8-10 but that looks really fun.

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    To me, it was inconsistent and disorganized on Friday morning / early afternoon in Jersey. I surfed North side of LBI. A decent nugget would pop up every once-in-awhile, but was infrequent, and probably closed out. I thought the mothers day swell was way better. RI looked good from the pic. Nice score.

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    Saturday morning was a blast!
    Agreed. Saturday the whole day was awesome, I hit a local spot in RI with a friend and it was firing! Water was a bit chilly though. I was using my 5/4, gloves, hood, and of couse boots and was perfect. If the weather was nicer I would've gone thinner.