Hi everybody,

I have 2 boards for sale. Both were shaped my by me and work well. The fish on the left in the first picture is approx 6' and has two go pro mounts on it. It may look "different" but this board flys and catches anything even for a bigger guy. It is loose and light. It's probably the best riding board that I ever shaped. It has pressure dings on the deck and might need a few repairs but nothing major.

The board on the right is in great shape other than one or 2 small dings, virtually no heal dents on it. The board is 5'10" if my memory serves me and was shaped off of a fishcuit template that I got from greenlight. This board is fast as hell and almost too fast since the rails are shaped hard down from nose to tail (experimental). It always felt a little small for me but a lighter friend rode it several times and said it was incredibly fast and fun.

Boards are $125 each or $200 for both.