Department OF The Army
ARLINGTON VA 22211-5003

Office of the Superintendent

Enclosed is your permanent vehicle pass to visit Arlington National Cemetery. This pass is only valid for whom it was issued and will be used only for visiting the grave site of your loved one and cannot be used for commercial purposes, e.g. conducting tours, etc.

Prior to entering the cemetery, please place this pass in the windshield of your car on the driver’s side. It should remain visible at all times while your are on the grounds.

Permanent vehicle passes are issued only to immediate family members of the deceased. The following individuals are considered immediate family.

• Parents
• Spouse
• Children
Other relatives and friends may obtain a temporary pass to enter the Cemetery on a day-to-day basis by applying within the Visitors Center on the day of their visit.

Please ensure that your vehicle is locked while unattended.

John C. Metzler, Jr

my only question to you Mr. Uncle Sam, is where is the respect for your fallen heros, or their families? Is it above or below the line that reminds people to lock their cars in your cemetery?