Controls for:
manual shutter release
aperture/ shutter wheels
drive/ iso button/ metering mode button
play arrow button/ *rear focus button
top & rear lcd screen windows

Ports for:
15mm fisheye port (with neoprene cover)
16-35mm port with full zoom gearing controls (with neoprene cover)

Additional accessories:
gland attachment for sync cable
custom made 50ft sync cable
hot shoe connector to replace pc connector
flash attachment for Canon 580ex with ettl cord
detachable side grip
detachable u/w pistol grip w/shutter release
3x leashes
spare gear for 16-35mm lens

The sale includes:
Canon 5D Mk1 body & strap in A condition (with original box)
Canon BG-E4 pistol grip in A condition (with original box)**not for use in housing**
2x Canon batteries (hold charge well) in A condition
Canon fisheye EF lens 15mm f:2.8 in A+ condition
Orange waterproof travel case (23.5 x 18.5 x 12)
This sale is for the kit listed above, it does not include the 580ex flash or 16-35mm lens.

This kit is in excellent condition, has been very well looked after, and has never had leaked!
The fisheye port is immaculate; the 16-35mm port has minor scratches but is not a problem for image quality. I removed the eyepiece (which I still have) as I was mainly shooting underwater and found it easier when wearing a mask.

The housing is constructed of ultra light weight aluminum. Sheared, formed on a sheet metal press brake then welded solid by a certified welder. All aluminum is hard anodized to protect against salt water corrosion. The housing is then painted with industrial powder coat paint.
The custom made 50ft sync cable makes this camera perfect for shooting underwater in swimming pools or tanks, and lets you use additional flash lighting outside the water without the worry of being connected directly.Just add a flash wizard or any other remote sync to trigger the flash.

Depth Rating 15-20ft
Weight 2.75 lbs with fisheye port and pistol grip.