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    Trip to Hawaii in a week.

    Going to Oahu for 10 days with some friends. Is it even worth the airline fee to bring my board? Taking united

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    I always bring a board. I'd wait til the day before and look at the forecast and decide... Pretty sure it will be easy to find a good board if you don't want to bring it though

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    Good question.

    $ 300 RT to bring your sticks, yes? Plus the wild card aspect-expense & added joy of airline possibly damaging your board(s).

    How long are you in-country? Anything less than 6 surfing days, rent. Esp HAW where boards are available. If it is more days than that in-country then it's a consideration to bring your own very-well-shielded board.

    Of course, if you've got the excess coinage, then the debate is moot & you bring your honey stick(s).

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    Going for 10 days

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    Quote Originally Posted by henryk View Post
    Going for 10 days
    I live in Hawaii on maui...

    Depends when ur coming. We just had a huge south swell, doh for a week, but that's very rare in the summer.. generally summer here is for Longboard and paddle surfing, but there's a shortboardable swell every week or two, but probably only shortboardable for a day or two...

    I'd say leave ur board, and if a swell comes u can find an ok short board to rent here for $25 a day.

    Also check they are local surf forecast and very accurate., Like swellinfo is for the east coast.


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    I would say leave it- but check the forecast a day before- if its going to be big the whole time... then I would bring my own... so your comfortable on your own board..

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    Bring it, I went to PR twice in the last 6-7 months, once without and once with and I definitely had a lot more fun with my board then I did with a rental. Having that comfort level is good if you are surfing anything big.

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    Looks like there will be a swell the day I get there. Tuesday!

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    For only 10 days I would rent. I visited Oahu two years ago around April and stayed for 13 days. I found this tiny shop in Ala Moana and the dude let me pay a flat fee of around 200 dollars to come in a use any board I wanted for 13 days. So if one day it was small I could go grab a longboard, and a few days later the swell picked up so I grabeed a shortboard. Can't remember the name of the shop but if you cant find that one, im sure there are other shops around that will do the same for you. Airlines charge way too much and I always hear about damage to the board. Not worth it.

    You don't want to only surf all day anyways. Go check out diamond head, dole pineapple plantation, honauma bay, and koko head. Those were my favorites. Have a blast over there man, you will never want to come back to the mainland!

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    If you were flying any other airline besides United, I would say bring your board but their charges are way too steep. If it is just per boardbag, then maybe you can split the charges with a friend. Did that to PR with a friend and saved mucho $$$