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    Quote Originally Posted by waterbaby View Post
    the tides are so extreme at my beachbreak, you have to time when you go out just right to catch it worth a damn (after the tide is too low and before it gets too high or before it gets too low again).

    My first wave is usually not very good due to both the tide maybe being a bit too low and I'm not quite warmed up/in tune with the ocean, yet.

    My best waves are frequently later in the sesh when the tide is letting the waves push all the way through to the shore (longer rides=move maneuvers) and I'm warmed up. I also tend to get a good one right before I go in (because I usually won't get out until I rip something that satisfies me)...this also usually coincides with the tide starting to rip out.
    Yo are you from NS? I 've been scouring the web for good clips from up there and thought I'd find more. Not much out there besides this dude surf donkey who I really enjoyed. Also saw a couple clips from a younger dude a while back who would take the LB out in some meaty stuff. Both awesome. You got any links/clips to anythin heavy? If only had a nice blog but they're gone? Damn. RIP.

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    Quote Originally Posted by yankee View Post
    You could always get out of the water after every ride, walk around on the beach for a minute, do a quick bench-off & then paddle back out.

    That way, every wave would be your first wave. So to speak.
    Now that is thinking outside the somebody(I think Peajay) said before, it takes me a few minutes to sync up w/ what's going on in the water, after a couple waves I'm in rythm w/ the ocean and I'm good to go. On a bigger day it helps if i get worked once to get it out of the way, then I can properly charge.

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    Iv noticed this too. On a smaller day my first wave is usually a great ride, I wont say best though because I spend the rest of a session trying to top it. Sometimes I get a better one, sometimes I don't. Conditions have a lot to do with that I think. But like the post above me, on a bigger day I sometimes eat it on the first wave, laugh it off, then get down to business. I must say though when it is big and you paddle out and catch a great first wave its definitely a huge confidence boost