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    Eastern Shore - south facing beaches

    With the upcoming potential for some heavy North winds, wondering if anyone has knowledge of any south facing beaches around Eastern Shore. Has anyone surfed the point at Tom's Cove (south of Chincoteague), Fisherman's Island (northern side of Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel), or Smith Island (next to Fisherman's)? Are there other spots that I'm missing? Thanks...

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    The southern point by Tom's Cove is closed for the rest of the year. They only allow a limited number of people on the beach during the off season and then close it from april until around mid sept. due to piping plovers.

    As for the other two I have no Idea.You're a brave soul if you try to take a boat to those islands in this weather. It might be a good idea to inform the coast guard beforehand!

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    these areas are better with an E/SE type swell rather than having some N in it.

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    Good information - thanks to both. Here's hoping for more westerly winds...