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    thoughts on a Rusty Dwart vs Firewire Dominator

    Anyone have any experience with either of these? I'm an intermediate surfer who surfs long island beachbreaks 90% of the time. I've got a 6'1 CI Warp for fall/hurricane season and when the waves are better/ have some push to them and I have a long board for those ankle-knee high days. What I'm looking for is something for the days in between.
    I know there are TONS of boards out there and there is always a huge "local shaper" sentiment on these forums and I fully respect that (my long board is made locally), but I'm specifically looking at these two boards.
    I'm 5'7 175lbs and fit. I'm looking to make better turns and up my wave count. I thought the Dwart and the Dom would be good options for an all around hybrid board. Can anyone attest to the differences I'd feel between the two boards?


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    I've had a WRV nugget thats 5'7 for over a year now and it's insanely fun. Great Hybrid board that paddles well and has good float but enough performance to also get some good turns and maneuvers in as well. It performs best in a beach-break too so this it would be your best best. My friend and I are the same level and he had a firewire dominator and enjoys it but we both feel like the Nugget is a all around better board.

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    I have seen both and ridden the dominator. The dwart looks like a great board but I love the dominator. I have a spitfire and love it, the spitfire is basically a dominator with a more refined tail. I was a big hater of firewires until I rode one and couldn't get it out of my mind. They are the most lively boards I have ever ridden. There is a springiness in them that makes them feel like they are alive. I know others might have felt this in boards that they have owned but I can honestly say I haven't felt this until the firewires.
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    I have a 6'2 dominator and works great the board catches everything and can take a wicked beating. I dont konw how many times I got shacked in the outer banks and thought the board would have definitely snapped and didnt. They also are very responsive and have like a spring to them almost like they are alive. I also just purchased a rusty dwart. im 6'0 and 190lbs. That board is really fun as well. it catches all waves possible and is a really fun summer board. It got is easy to through around and so fast down the line. The one good thing about the dwart is you can go several inches smaller due to the volume of the board. I usually surf a 6'2 dominator and I went 4 inches shorter. The rusty crew is really good if you contact them. They will set you up with what you want and even tell you what deminsions are best for your area etc. If you can spare the cash buy both of them they wont let you down. The dominator handles really well in those big hollow days and the Dwart even though it says its for small mushy waves, I have been told its wicked fun in head to 1ft over head waves.(I have not surfed it in that yet) Hope this helps. Both boards are pretty expensive your looking at spending around $700-750 after all said and done.

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    I have a 6'10 dominator and I love it to be honest it flies and is very responsive only thing I don't like is the epoxy, makes it feel a little stiff for me. but idc it a good board and worth the buy.

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    yeah, I'd say neither.

    I love Rusty boards (owned two of them), but the original Dwart seems like more of a novelty for those with already large quivers. Imo, it's too thick, short and flat for it to be an everyday board or the third/medium condition board in a quiver. On the other hand, the new TDwart looks much better...or, if you're a better paddler, the Stump should turn a little more high performance.

    don't like eps/epoxy boards at all. They're tougher, but the compromise is a board that's too light, too stiff, too slow and too expensive.

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    Agree with waterbaby... I had a Surf+ New Toy, pretty damn close to the Dwart. It was just a dog in the water. Caught waves easily but bogged down thereafter. Sold it after 2 sessions.

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    Gene from Essence Surf in northern NJ makes a board similar to the Dwart. Its called the Quasar. He shaped one for me and took it to PR last year. I was surfing next to a guy who had a Rusty Dwart and he commented on how much he liked my board (jokingly because he knew they were nearly identically shaped). We talked about how much we enjoyed the quad setup and the ease of getting into those medium sized waves. If you're going to get a Dwart, talk to Gene. His boards are really taking off.

    I also own a Firewire Dominator. I've only used it once so far but it was really awesome. I loved it in fact. They both have a different feel since one is PU and the other is that Firewire epoxy sandwich construction stuff but they each surf those intermediate sized waves really well. I have used both in overhead surf and with the quad setup they absolutely fly.

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    My go to board is a rusty. I love it. but as I was getting ready for a new board... the prices for a rusty have just become too much to pay.

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    I agree, Rusty makes a great board and so does FIREWIRE. The dominator is a great board and it does take some time to get use to but once your get the feel for it you never want to ride any other board. The DWART is the same way, and it is a great board to improve your skills. Looks like your stuck between a rock and a hard place. Like I said in my previous post, if you can afford both go for it, if not its your preference. It also depends on where you live and the break you surf. if its mushy the dwart is great if it gets pitchy and hollow, the dominator is your choice. But I will say the dwart can handle pitchy pretty well.