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Thread: go-to board

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    Firewire dominator or a rusty dwart

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    Quote Originally Posted by RespectIt View Post
    when it's head high beach break or smaller an hollow...
    Big difference in my mind between head high and hollow, and thigh or waist high and hollow. No one go-to board for that disparate range for me. And I'm 6'1, low 190s, and coming up on 50 years old.

    At the top of the range, 6'6 x 19ish x 2 9/16 round tail thruster hpsb, single to double concave bottom

    At the bottom of that range, depending on my mood, either 6'0 x 21ish x 2 5/8 retro fish with glassed on wood keels; some modern tweaks. Or... 9'3 x 23 x 2 7/8 single fin classic log; nose concave, to flat, to rolled vee bottom.

    A 6'4 x 21 x 2 1/2 quad groveler, and a 9'6 hplb are second choices.

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    38 yrs old, 220lbs light, 5'11" x 21" x 2.5....coil disc with custom round tail. "Fat guy on a little board"

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    I'm not sure what the original poster was getting at- but a board that is good for
    Me from knee hi to over head (or 23ft..) , mush to juice, heavy winter wetsuit to heavy summer crowds (read:ding resistant) is the good ol plastic... Umm I mean tuflite 6'8 merrick flier... Can't beat it for any wave condition... Other then riding a longboard.
    Not my favorite board to ride- but I could ride it in any condition and have loads of fun!

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    5'8 hayden shapes hypto kryto

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    6'1" 160, 55 years old. Up to head high and slightly over, Tim Nolte hull bottom 9' hplb, thruster setup. But, I am not a "snappy" surfer.

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    just curious what some people ride...I'm 5'8'' 155lbs and i ride two boards and maybe i'm selling my self short on that notion. when it's big, shoulder to over head i ride a 5'11'' x 18'' x 2-1/4'' round/pin thruster which sucks when im in a full suit.....anything else is on a 5'6'' x 21'' x 2-3/8'' twin keel fish. i feel like i ride the fish too much but anything head high and under, i find my self reaching for little board.

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    I'm 5'8 and 131 pounds, and I ride a Clever Jet, 5'7"x 19 1/4 x 2 1/4 and its great. It's my go to board for everything under OH.

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    5-8" Hayden Shred sled. i literally hate NOT riding it.

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    5'10, 172lbs at 6% (down from 187 in March due to daily water time in cold ass water). Yet to see a legit hollow wave but will soon. Got a quiver of sticks but I think I'd go with the 6' 18" 2" 5star thruster. And probably eat $hit three dozen times before I had my hand in the green face. Then it's history, brah. Things are gonna change. I can feel it.