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    turpel, stansfield, cote, gray, wassel and gt should never be given a mic again. and what was up with all the sexual innuendo from wassel, gray and cote? totally inappropriate, imho and quite frankly, super creepy..

    oh and i'd nominate volcom's big tony to call it in the future. the guy is super smart and well spoken and knows his stuff big time.. slater is my favorite though..

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    id have to have a list of past commentators in front of me to decide who top 5 would be. gotta love Occy. Definitely Parson, as he is knowledgable and well spoken. you can add taylor knox to that list as well. Ive liked Pat O'Connell in the past. Machado is ok, but sometimes a little too spaced and chill.

    To me, it always seems like the Volcom events have a few bad commentators. I think Joe Turpel and Blakely do a pretty decent job of calling it.

    and i couldnt agree more with wassel constantly all over the hawaiian bandwagon and absolutley trashing the Aussies. it was annoying as all hell. thankfully you had Ronnie Blakeley trying to maintain a little balance.

    i do like the fact that these guys will challenge the judges scores when guys are over or under scored. they never challenged anything a few years ago, but that seems to have changed a bit last year and into this year.

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    while we're cote-bashing, has anyone seen this painfully awkward post-event interview? it really just serves to illustrate what a goon chris cote really is...what's w/ him actually interrupting & cutting slater short at one point? wow...