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Can people please either get some sense of spelling/grammar or at the very least turn on spell check in their browsers and apps? Granted I'm not 100% clean with my posts but when there is an error I'll take it to the bank that T9/autocorrect was the guilty party.

It's "hawking" not hocking.

For the Hindu-sized load if garbage I have to deal with in every second thread, I think I am
justified in correction of GED-level verbal garbage.

Damn. You may not like my 500 words but I'm beginning to think it's because you can't sift through the first 5. Let he who is attempted to be stoned to death daily by many of you cast the first stone. Please...for the love of Laird, don't open your mouth unless you can effin spell. Please. There are just too many resources today. Display some recognition of progressive development.
Blow me bro