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    Quote Originally Posted by Swellinfo View Post
    A 100 year storm, means, probability of occurring is once every 100 years.
    Yea... so as far as probability goes, your talking a phenomenon that's location-dependent. I'm sure that there's less than a 1% chance of another storm that...

    1) sets a record for lowest pressure of any Atlantic storm north of Hattaras
    2) sets a record for highest wave in New Jersey/New York waters
    3) sets a record for highest storm surge in the New Jersey/New York area
    4) creates a storm that's the second largest in the Atlantic Basin ever recorded

    Maybe it's a 500 year storm?

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    Quote Originally Posted by suzyq View Post

    what are we thinking?
    do we believe the hype that sandy was a "100 year storm"?
    the tone of this post strikes me as a bit disrespectful/insensitive to those who had to live through Sandy & whose lives are still in upheaval b/c of it. esp. given your location is listed as "lava land", presumably meaning hawaii or some other area w/ significant vulcanism (ie: not the northeast US).
    yes, Sandy was hyped beyond hype, but the impact that storm had is still being felt, & will be felt, for months or years to come. don't be a prick.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SkegLegs View Post
    So when Bohdie surfed the 100 year storm at Bells it probably sucked, because the tide was so high the waves were not drawing off the reef correctly Mitchell?
    Ahh man, you SOB. When I got on this thread, I was just thinking aboot Bodhi, and you stole my thunder. You rapscallion !! However it was THE FIFTY YEAR STORM that hit Bells........

    Now, some people say things like, " Aww Point Break was a terrible surf movie." Well, that's because it's NOT a surf movie. I wonder if FBI guys are saying, " Aww man Point Break was a terrible FBI movie....they got everything wrong." I mean I love the guy to death, but do you really think Gary Busey could be an FBI agent?

    But, look how prophetic The Bodhisattva, aka Bodhi, was. Jersey's last major, major brush with mother nature occured on The ASH WEDNESDAY STORM of 1962. Subtract 1962 from 2012 and y'all get.....................

    Right, FIFTY FRIGGIN YEARS. Wow, uncanny. Holy Mackrel vagina. Now, this lends creedence, or at least Creedence Clearwater Revival, to the significant aspect and prognostication powers of the movie Point Break.

    And Jersey will get hit again by at least a Tropical Storm this year. This was solidified by NJ's new marketing campaign of, "STRONGER THAN THE STORM." Man, you just don't taunt the ocean. Hey anybody see the commercvial with all the shred hounds paddling out? Were any of them any of youse guys on here?

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    Point Break is about to be remade. By the time of it's theatrical release the remake will be 23 years after the original. 23.

    Now I've got to go run the equivalent of 8-10 laps on an intermittently uphill track. That is, since my previously atsronomical caloric expenditure of the winter/spring is now without its means, and I do like how it feels when these pants fall down.

    NOTE: That really means 8-10 laps and not 2-3. Honestly.

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    Sandy caused a good deal of damage to the OBX. They get their share of hurricanes too. I believe only Key West has seen more in the last 100 years.