On Hilton Head, there is that really long sandbar that shoots off the north end of Port Royal Plantation. You can see if from Folly and Burkes. It goes out about a mile off the beach there. I've never gone and surfed it, but I would assume on a NE in the winter that may swing in at the right angle would hit that bar very nicely and create a fisherman's island kind of effect. And yes, it is the Black Tip breading ground, as well as where Mary Lee was pinged when she was hanging out on the island.

Would love to hear from someone that has been out there, but it definitely has potential. It has to break. It has all the factors you need.

There should be the same sort of thing on Hunting Island right across the waterway on the South End. I would assume that it would be better on HHI so its not breaking out in the boat channel or anything.