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    You are being poisioned

    Ever notice the lack of blue skies.
    The increase of jets with massive white streaks that seem to dominate the sky
    of a white cloud that just completely engulfs it and whites it out.
    Honestly we are being played for fools.
    Please spread the word
    You tube.
    Sandy was man made

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    Spread the word.... You're a moron.

    I got a bridge I'll give you a great deal on.

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    Quote Originally Posted by soulsurf4sure View Post
    I've seen a lot stupid sh*t here recently. This wins... Great job

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    why don't you just watch you moron and stop being so closed minded this is the problem
    what in the world are they spraying!
    this is why they are getting away with it because biggots like you!
    I just literally watched my sunset get whited out because of these chem trails!!

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    Biggot? Really?

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    Hey chicken little...go see a doctor. You may have a concussion from the sky hitting you in the head.

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    Science mother****er
    archy left for good. No need to mock him.