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I started surfing a year ago on a 7' fun and have been at it consistently. I'm not catching as many waves as I would like to and want to purchase a longboard. I have my eye on a used Valaric 9'9" squash tail. It is only slightly wider than 22" The price is in my budget and I like that it is shaped by a local guy. I am concerned that 9'9" might be too long though. I am 6'0" 182 lbs. I want something for small days to shoulder high and would like to eventually start nose riding. Any advice on this would be appreciated. Thanks.
Bro- this sounds like a perfect board. Just go for it. Everyone goes nuts over the length of a board- when truthfully there are many other characteristics of a board that will change the way a board handles then just the length. I had a 9'0, 9'2 and currently have a 9'4 and a 9'6 and i can not tell the differnece in tghe legth affecting the way the board rides or the challenge of paddling out with a longboard in bigger surf (OH). NOW- if you are comparing a classic longboard shape to a high performance shape- there will be major differences- Even with paddling out.

Just go for it- you will thank me later when you are catching all the waves on a waist hi day- getting long rides all the way to the beach- having fun and cruzing on the nose in style bro! what what.. now im excited!!!

Personal option- i would rather ride a 9'9 over a 9'0.... your not going to notice 9 inches if you dont ride longboards very often...

ok- can someone please spell check my post? the auto spellcheck is not working. Thanks guys.