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    just single concave?

    i know that a single concave makes the board faster. and i know that a v helps the board turn better. so i have watched videos on boards with just a single and they say that it is fast and it is easy to do tight turns which doesn't make sense to me, i would think it would be fast but kinda stiff feeling. so my question is how do single concave boards ride?

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    they're drivey and loose.

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    Clemmy, this guy is bringing Squash(tail) to your Thanksgiving.

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    Fast, hold rail really well... and I have no problem snapping mine around and sliding it out.

    My favorite board has deep single concave that lessens to almost flat through the fins with a fairly aggressive kick in the last 4" of tail. You've seen my go-to board Cat, it's a quad. You can ride it the next time there's a comp, although it's probably got way too much volume for you--you'll still get the idea. I'm pretty sure I'll be in the Chris Crocker, so you can definitely give it a go then if we don't run into each other before hand.

    I do like a single to double concave on my step-up, though. In my experience the double concave through the tail gives you a little more directional stability.
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    Single concaves make the board faster in two ways... it straightens the rocker through the middle of the board, making a flatter planing surface with less drag, and it captures more of the energy of the water moving up the face of the wave (lift) which translates into forward motion for the board and rider. Deep single concaves on shortboards are often combined with flat or slight vee off the tail, and/or a touch of added tail kick. This is done to add some rail rocker in the tail to tighten the turning radius... because the flatter rocker through the middle, while faster, is flatter, and flat likes to stay flat. Flat doesn't like to turn.

    I prefer single concaves on boards for smaller waves. Head high and up... single to double.

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    i find it interesting that everyone says single concaves are fast & maneuverable, b/c my experience has been just the opposite...the single concave boards i've had over the years have been fast, but sticky; transitioning rail to rail was a *****. it was almost like the board was hydroplaning or something. i've found that my best boards are bonzer-bottom type boards, or at least boards w/ some vee through the fin cluster & out the tail; single concave under the front foot transitioning to a deep double concave set in vee all the way through the fins & out the tail.
    i find that this set up gives my boards a good amount of drive & speed, but the spine of the vee helps transition the board rail to rail at high speeds.

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    single to slight double v great mini