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    for everyone's safety we should just all obey the sign and not surf anywhere near Belmar or Manasquan this weekend. better safe then sorry.

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    I heard there's tons of stealth white sharks here and a verbal warning has been issue to stay at least 10 miles from the waterline. I'll sacrifice myself to insure the safety of others by being a buffer against attack.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Valhalla View Post
    Didn't think the Coast Guard would use terms like "SUP" and "line-up" but then again what do I know...
    Yeah and they'd use the terms gopro, lineup, and why would there be a SUP at 9 o clock at night? Oh but there's a line up at 9 o clock at night?

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    This is totally fake. The same basic letter was circulating Santa Cruz yesterday telling people not to surf a certain area.

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    HAHAH genius! reformat the date and post before every major swell.

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    Hahaha... That's awesome.

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    dudes this is totally legit. poseidon himself told me about it.

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    Good stuff, I need a copy.

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    isnt this still a little too cold for great whites?