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    California is firing right now!

    ...and I'm just hoping it's still waist high tomorrow after the TS blows through.

    Check some of the cams. Malibu is as crowded as you'll ever see it. The Wedge is going off too.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bandaid View Post
    hahaha classic

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    F-Cali, Jamica / Ranch on swell info has chest to head high all week. Go where you can were trunks/ F wetsuits. Been surfing Texas all winter in wetsuits. Its summer time people. Go where the sunshine and the water are the same temp. They can keep Cali. Too many pompous asses to go around out there. Love Cali but its overated.

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    you know where else it's firing?

    EVERY GOT DANG BEACH EXCEPT HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!