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    Pics from 6/8/2013 surf!!!

    Sorry to let you down, but I don't have any pics.. But I created this thread because I want to see more of them. Yesterday was the bees knees. Super-clean Overhead sets in the morning, which held to shoulder-head throughout the rest of the day. Let me see it!!!

    Please do not post locations. Thank you.

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    today I was stuck in manhattan... oops I named where I was...

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    Hammonton, NJ
    Hey man, that's false advertising right there, dude. Man, I was all excited to see some pictures of secret Monmouth County spots like Main Beach, Manasquan.

    I ax you Kooky4CoCoPuffs, great name by the way, that CoCoPuff dude is ca - razy, But I digest(that's for the NJShredmachine fans oot there)..........

    Kooky, I ax you to reconsider not naming spots. I was kind of hoping for the spot's name, directions and a brief summary of the place.

    Anyways, Kooky please don't resort to using subterfuge in your threads. Next time just ax people to post some pictures. Thanks, man.

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    A little somethin...

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    swell (1 of 1).jpg
    Mid day, got a little smaller, but less of a close out.

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    How did you get that, "Back in the '70s" look to those photos? Cool effect...

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    Looks like instagram sizing so he probably used an instagram filter. There are a bunch like that on there just go through them

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    bethany beach

    Some kook shots from our gopros.

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    [QUOTE=LBCrew;171574]How did you get that, "Back in the '70s" look to those photos? Cool effect... Thanks I used undrafted not so much for the effect more for the fact it enhances the quality of the wave